There is a sexual predator on campus at Culver Military Academy.

In 2022, our family was deeply affected by the events that occurred on campus at Culver Military Academy, and were further traumatized by the way the Academy handled the situation. As a survivor of sexual abuse at the Academy, I reported the incident, but the perpetrator remains on campus while I do not. The Academy has deemed that a no-contact rule with a distance of 25-50 feet is sufficient for both of us to continue having a positive boarding experience.

I am outraged and demand change. I, like all survivors of sexual abuse, want empathy, flexibility, a voice, and justice.

Our platform aims to give a voice to the survivors of sexual abuse at Culver Military Academy. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for every survivor who has attended the Academy since 1894 to share their experience of what transpired at the Academy and how the Academy handled the event.

Our platform will educate and unite survivors, work to minimize the occurrence of sexual assault at the Academy, reveal patterns of conduct that the Academy takes or doesn't take in the event of such traumatic events, and provide support for survivors. It will also educate potential students and parents about the safety of the campus and the attitude of the administration.

Our platform will drive change, not only at the Academy, but also in the way that sexual abuse on campus is tolerated and ignored. It will create real consequences for those who continue to ignore the reality of the problem, and ultimately drive a positive change at the Academy.

Be courageous. Share your experience, and let's stand together to drive change.

The website will be launched in the summer of 2023.

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Increase Awareness

Our first goal, increase awareness of sexual assault activity for those attending or possibly looking into attending.

Create Support Group

Our second goal, create a support group for those that have been sexually violated.

Share Your Story

A new way of thinking is desperately needed at the Academy. Patterns establish liability. Liability creates change. Share your story with us.